IoTE Airdrop Launched SFEX Opens a New Chapter in Transparent Trading

14 Oct, 2019

IoTE will work with SFEX this month to improve the mobility of IoTE through a series of community incentives. On October 14, IoTE was launched on SFEX. It was agreed that SFEX, as a trading platform for IoTE, would introduce the following measures to encourage digital money investors to buy IoTE.

SFEX will hold the "Ultra-low Price Buy IoTE" campaign and airdrop benefits from October 14, 2019 to October 16, 2019 from 14:00 to 16:00. The proposed snap-up activity will adopt a "limited number, first come, first served" model to cushion the initial participation boom. Today's first round of low-price snap-ups took only three minutes (actually only about 30 seconds, system delays)

Tomorrow's snap-up will continue at 2 p.m.

The SFEX platform will airdrop according to the number of IoTE purchased by users. The airdrop ratio is IoTE: SF = 200:1. SFEX will hold the ultra-low price snap-up of IOTE and airdrop benefits from October 14, 2019 to October 16, 2019, from 14:00 to 16:00. The total volume of the snap-up is 30,000,000 IoTE, first come first served. The activity lasts for three rounds, with different prices per round. SFEX platform will air-drop according to the number of IoTE purchased by users. The proportion of air-drop is IoTE: SF = 200:1.

IoTE (IE) Resource Manager is an exploratory technology devoted to the interconnection and interoperability between devices from different sources. It is truly super-book-centric. It will not only protect data based on future IPFS data storage protocol, but also use DAG data structure to ensure the interaction speed of TPS.

The application prospect of IoTE lies in the Internet of Things. With the development of big data and the arrival of 5G strong connection era, the Internet of Things business has slowly begun to enter the economic life. However, there are still many bottlenecks in technical support, especially in data sharing and asset trading. Obviously, an effective structure and mechanism are needed to support the long-term development of ecology. IoTE's anonymous trading and de-centralized storage technology is trying to explore a series of scenarios, which will open up a de-centralized business ecosystem of the Internet of Things in the future.

SFEX is an exchange dedicated to optimizing transaction transparency and introducing effective economic models to enable users, project parties and trading platforms to obtain their due benefits. Its goal is to let each pass find its own value and provide a safe, fair and open trading platform for digital technology enthusiasts. SFEX not only provides technical support and security guarantee for digital currency transactions, but also provides fair matching for projects and users. SFEX is committed to solving the problems of high online costs of many exchanges and lack of verification by issuing assets, and ultimately build a trust platform in the field of digital assets.

Obviously, the IoTE project is very consistent with the concept of decentralization, consensus and community governance of SFEX, which is also the main reason why IoTE chose to pay in SFEX. It is believed that users can acquire the maximum value of IoTE's main chain assets by purchasing or locking IoTE on such a platform where all transactions are open and transparent.

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