IoTE launched mobile wallet ahead of schedule and will land on the exchange at the end of the month

22 Jun, 2019

According to the IoTE official website announcement, based on the assistance of IoTE Global Eco-Partners, IoTE will launch Bying Digital Wallet App on 26 this month, which means that IoTE will complete the mobile wallet development roadmap one year ahead of schedule. Next, the IoTE technology team will devote more efforts to improving the white paper 2.0 and the development of the established roadmap?At the same time, IoTE and CPCT have reached a cooperation, which will be launched on the CPCT Exchange on the 30th of this month. Bying Digital Wallet and CPCT Exchange will launch a series of IoTE air dropping activities.


CPCT Exchange is a very secure digital currency trading platform, which provides users with efficient digital currency trading services. Its trading system can achieve the speed and stability of the financial level. It uses advanced algorithms at the securities level to ensure the transaction efficiency. A series of security designs based on multiple signatures, offline signatures and hierarchical architecture are adopted to strictly protect user assets. Use the industry's top technology to ensure user funds and data, and establish a real-time asset and transaction data query and verification mechanism, and open to all community users.


Bying wallet is a powerful digital asset wallet. It supports the asset management of various main chains, tokens and candies. It can transfer money, collect money, receive forked coins and candy. It is also the first wallet APP to support DPOS voting. It also accesses various hardware terminals, such as watch wallet, hardware wallet and digital asset teller. In addition, Bying also provides candy inquiry and acquisition, and supports major mainstream currencies, information access and other functions. Bying wallet also carries out various activities from time to time to provide benefits to new and old users.


The IoTE Core developers

June  22, 2019

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