26 Jul, 2019

The IoTE Core developers will launch the IoTE Ecological support plan.

According to the comprehensive situation of the IoTE Ecological team, 

We will stake a certain amount of IoTE to it to increase it's reward.

Ecological team which launched IoTE can submit an application to us. 

In application email  including the following:

1. Ecological team introduction

2. The IoTE amoount held

3, The number of users

4, IoTE's Mining pool

5, IoTE's Masternode management

6, Set Up and Manage IoTE Community

7, Set Up and Manage IoTE Social Media Platform(Telegram,Discord Group,Reddit,Wechat Group,QQ Group)

8,  Website construction

One or more of the above,Please send to:

We will publicize the specific details,and in every month,We will inspect the information

,in order to add,delete,or modify the corresponding support.

The IoTE Core developers

July 26, 2019

39 FPS (1-61)