IoTE wallet updated to version v1.30.0.1

11 Feb, 2019

IoTE wallet updated to version v1.30.0.1

Update Log:

IoTE wallet has been updated to version v1.30.0.1.

The IoTE Core version v1.28.6.1 may have problems that cannot be converged after the fork, which will make the miner's block completely invalid. Please update the wallet to v1.30.0.1 as soon as possible.

All IoTE(IoTE Core version v1.28.6.1) holders as of Block Height 1450 (~February 11, 2019 at 13:30 am) are alse owners of IoTE(IoTE Core version v1.30.0.1) on a 1 for 1 basis. 

Please follow the three-step process.

1.IoTE v1.28.6.1 wallet address:

2.IoTE v1.30.0.1 wallet address:

3.Wallet.dat file and Screenshot of IoTE  v1.28.6.1 

Please send to will contact you soon.

The IoTE Core developers

February 11, 2019

39 FPS (1-61)