The First Anonymously IoT Mineral Currency on CITEX

19 Sep, 2019

Today, IoTE is launched on CITEX Exchange. CITEX is the world’s largest Mineral Exchange. It is known as the cradle of 100 times of the currency in the industry.

IoTE is the world’s first anonymously mineral currency based on IoT technology. IoTE uses the PoW + iPoS hybrid consensus mechanism. The main network launched on February 11 this year. At present, there are more than 1,000 main nodes, with annual revenue as high as 85%.

Creative CryptoVantaa algorithm for CPU mining and instant messaging technology of “first come, then account” to achieve second to second transfer, can choose strong anonymous transfer function to have a broader IoT application scenario of the IoT.

Since this year, high-quality mineral coins have soared, performing a wealth miracle. Especially when the market plunges, the mining currency rises against the trend. Unlike the ICO currencies on the project side, most of the miners adopt a de-neutralized community governance model, supported by community consensus and technological development, and return to the BTC line. Since its launch, IoTE has been mining the POW algorithm, which can only be mined through mining. Its development mechanism pays attention to fairness and tends to pre-excavate and ICO mining coins, which prevents tokens from becoming a few cutting tools for windfall profits.

In August this year, IoTE achieved its first production halving, which was supported by the overwhelming majority of people in the community. It is progressing smoothly. So far, the transaction price of IoTE has been far higher than that of Genesis.

Compared with general projects, IoTE has technical content, code quality, regular updates, wallets and nodes have maintained a high level of activity.

CITEX is a peer-to-peer digital asset trading platform with the aim to open up a digital asset trading platform for full process transfer, payment and transaction of legal currency. CITEX is committed to providing a safe, efficient and open block chain digital asset trading and hosting platform with trust.

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